The Humanist Experience

Our Podcast and Our Trip

The Podcast

The Humanist Experience is a unique podcast series where we seek out radical experiences that educate our emotions and expand our world. Our commitment to social change motivates us to look for ways to effectively connect people to contemporary issues—and persuade them to become changemakers! The Humanist Experience uses experiential learning and storytelling to do just that. We see story, context, and experience as crucial tools for real understanding. Our podcast uses these tools to provide insight and inspiration for engaging positively in the world around us.

Our Trip

With a car full of microphones, camping gear, and spunk, we’ve given up our permanent residences and are traveling the country in search of stories and experiences that will help us learn about the most critical challenges facing our society.

We’ll spend time living in a California community that ran out of water. We’ll take the “food desert challenge” and eat only food that can be purchased at a gas station. We’ll share our story of spending a month without shelter in the Phoenix summer... and so much more!

With microphone in hand, we’ll document our entire trip and bring you along for the journey.

What is Humanism?

Humanism means taking responsibility for the value of every life without reservation—through reason, compassion, experience, and hope.